Why You Shouldn’t DIY Legal Representation During The Immigration Process

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Immigrating to a new country can open new doors both personally and professionally and help you get reunited with your loved ones. Consequently, in the excitement to start a new life, you may rush through the process and try to fill out the application yourself. However, if legal research is not your forte, or you don’t have much knowledge of Canadian Immigration laws and are unfamiliar with tribunal procedures, we recommend that you hire a professional instead of carrying out the process on your own.

At Reset Canada Immigration, we have witnessed many immigration seekers that have failed to achieve their objective of immigrating to Canada after attempting to handle the legal process themselves. If you plan to immigrate to Canada without a professional to guide you, we recommend that you take a few minutes to understand why you shouldn’t DIY legal representation during the immigration process.

Mistakes can prove costly
Did you know that even minor errors can result in your immigration application getting rejected? In the event of your application being rejected, you will need to re-apply and pay additional money as the application fees are not refundable in some circumstances, depending on the stage at which the application was rejected. The mistakes you make on your first attempt could also make the process more lengthy.

The most common mistakes made when applying for immigration are as follows:

a. Not providing the documentation required for a successful application

b. Uploading a record in the incorrect data field

c. Misinterpreting a question on the application and providing a wrong answer

d. Not understanding the eligibility requirements for an immigration program

e. Applying to a program that you’re not eligible for

f. Losing or being out of status in Canada

Do things right - Hire a professional!
It can be very challenging to correct an application refusal or the loss of status. Therefore, to help eliminate unwarranted mistakes, we recommend working with an experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). An RCIC is trained in immigration law and knows the various statutes and procedures to prepare and submit a robust application. Keep in mind that the fees of an RCIC will vary depending on the immigration application and complexity of the case.

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