Common Mistakes People Make With The Immigration Process

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Immigrating to a new country can create excellent opportunities to grow professionally, reunite with family, and build a new life that you’ve always dreamed of attaining.

However, if mistakes are made during the immigration process, your application to come to Canada may be denied.

So, to help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Reset Canada Immigration has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make with the immigration process.

1. Not Understanding Eligibility Requirements
There are over eighty Canadian immigration programs, and each one has eligibility requirements. Many applicants often apply for a program that they are not eligible for, which results in their application being denied. 

You can avoid this mistake by engaging the services of a licensed immigration consultant to assist and guide you through the immigration process. The consultant will assess your profile and circumstances before recommending a suitable immigration program.

2. Answering Questions on the Application Form Incorrectly
Completing and submitting application forms is mandatory when applying to an immigration program, and there is absolutely no room for errors. Correctly answering the various questions on each form is vital to avoid misrepresentation and the risk of your application being rejected.

There are different application forms for the various immigration programs and these contain confusing questions and lengthy conditions. Having a licensed immigration consultant complete and submit your paperwork can put your mind at ease and be one of the best decisions you will make.

3. Uploading and Submitting Incorrect or Insufficient Documents
Providing evidence to support an immigration application is essential to satisfy the requirements of the various immigration and border authorities. Each immigration program requires different documents to be uploaded or submitted, to complete the application process. Understanding the various documents that are needed can sometimes pose a challenge.

Submitting incorrect or insufficient documents can result in your immigration application being refused. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the checklists that are available to guide you when preparing and submitting applications.

4. Procrastination
Immigration policies and rules change frequently, and some programs have a time-sensitive quota that fills up quickly. Therefore, delaying or waiting to submit an immigration application can result in loss of status or a missed immigration opportunity.

If you’re eligible for a program, submit your application fast, or if your immigration status is about to end and you’re eligible for an extension, submit your application before it expires. Also, if you are eligible for restoration, submit your application before the restoration period ends.

5. Not Translating Documents
The official languages of Canada are English and French. Therefore, all documents submitted to support an immigration application should be in one of these languages. Applicants often submit documents in other languages without first having those documents translated into one of the official languages of Canada. This may result in delays in their application and possible rejection.

Ensure that you get your documents translated into English or French by a certified translator, if they are in another language.

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